T Rex Costume

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Hey travelers, can you believe that there are dinosaurs in space! Well neither do we, but we almost believe it. Captain Tom nearly fainted upon seeing a being disguised as one on a nearby planet 🪐. Very novel and fun is the dinosaur costume best of all that there is also a version for children. So it is for the whole family, do not miss this galactic product to use it and go out to have fun, the best protects from COVID 19.


It has a turbine with which the battery-powered costume is inflated.

It is made of a very good material, 100% Polyester so that it is not easily damaged.

Automatically inflates in seconds, easy to deflate and store.


T-Rex Adult Size: 150-200cm

Kids Size: 120-150cm


With the new technology of this costume, it is in our second version only has a mesh so that the face is not seen and an inflator with 4 batteries that inflates the costume in approximately one minute.

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